Huge health benefits and delicious taste of various nuts are largely prohibited from denture and braces wearers as well as virtually all others having dental work done...

...No More...

NOW YOU CAN enjoy the healthy benefits and taste of any of your favorite nuts in a specially grounded and refined form - "Eat As Is" or sprinkle over your favorite food or Ice Cream - Enjoy!

Our special process grounds the nuts to an easily eatable sugar-like powder while preserving all of the natural taste and nutrients. You can now enjoy nuts everywhere you like by simply sprinkling it over or even straight-up. Good with any denture wearers, braces, broken or damaged teeth and even if you are in a middle of dental work. Tasty, healthy and good for your mouth.

Jumbo Cashews - (Salted / Unsalted)
Delivered fresh to your door

roasted peanuts - (Salted / Unsalted)
Delicious, Healthy and Easy To Eat

brazil nuts
ultra Healthy and Good!

Fresh to Your Door